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Baudelaire as Romantic and Classic

Baudelaire was at the height of his glory when his Les Fluras Du Mal (Flowers of the Evil) and other works published. His works are most illustrious and bulkiest. His works represent the poet’s philosophy but harmonies are to subtle and the design too pure, his language too elegant, to full of delicate light and shade. Although France poets are generally little known and appreciated abroad, Baudelaire passed beyond our front-tear. His poetry is read throughout the world. It takes its place as the characteristic poetry of modernity. It encourages Baudelaire was born sensual exactly. He was a genius of analysis and an inventor of the unknown of the newest. His watch is most shed consensus and most imagination, of mysterious and calculation, psychologist of the exceptional. He studied utilize all the resources of arts. His poems bear a demon of Lucidity. In short, he is late constraint by the straight of his soul and by his environment.

He combined romanticism and classicism in a different way. Les Fluras Du Mal contains neither historical nor legendary poems: nothing based upon a narrative. There are no flights into philosophy. Politics, here, make no appearance. Description are rare and always patronage. But all his poetry is charm music, powerful abstract sensuality. In majority of his poems, there is a combination of flesh and spirit, a mixture solemnity and warm and bitterness, of eternity and intimacy. There is, however, a most rare alliance of will with harmony. It distinguishes his poetry clearly of romantic verse and also clearly from contemporary verse.

He is romantic and classic in his entire predicament each other corrected and re-enforced each other. Baudelaire is very often taken as the first counter romantic. He believed the romanticism was infernal of a celestial grace. It had freed literature from the shackles bandage of old aesthetes from social ethical conformity. Baudelaire devoted against contemporary use of poetry. He has enriched and discovered profound meaning of symbols. He is a romantic first because of his life, or rather because of the way in which he leads his poetry allowed himself to be devoured by own creation. In deed, he is profound romantic also through the roles which he grants, in the world of art, to sensibility and sensuality.

Baudelaire is romantic in two more senses: in his passionate and advocacy as well as through the roles which he grants to strangeness as a component of beauty. He is a rebel because he expended and exulted the nature of men and was to acquainting all vices and all excesses to make hover on the verse and many of abbess and the cherries death itself in order to live more courageously than any other poet of his time. All the poems are taken from the side of life and from the death.

Flowers of the Evil of Baudelaire are in deed sickly flowers. In these, there is a source of delight, a moving vision of the world and of oneself, the evil pleasure of challenging a prohibition and of disobeying someone. He has sinned and test for sinning can easily perceive when one read his poetry. His poems, like vessels, chaining into the sea, intoxicate in the restlessness of wondering hearts. He had in him: “Anywhere out of the World”. It is a crime not very consign christen but of a sinner who cannot be resigned to sin. Baudelaire is never allaying for God in Christianity. He wanted to study life in the wise sense of his intellectual in modern like Dr. Faustus. Finally, he cried.

“Oh lord! Take pity half of the man once to love ........but could not overcome his passion for the unknown”. And he prayed like the child of the Church.          

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Path Accident in Bangladesh

National Flag of BD

Bangladesh is a developing country in the world. It was successful to gain independence in 1971 from Pakistan after nine months heart and soul as well as bloody fighting. About 30,00,000 people sacrificed their lives for their country. They wanted the development of their country. Unfortunately, the government did not do that. Communication is the main platform of the development in any country. Bangladesh has four platform to communication the needs. They are land road/path, water path, sky path and train path that is railway.

Map of Bangladesh
The land path is very important for a country. This is the way that helps the people to reach office, school, market place and so on. Maximum path is muddy of Bangladesh. The concrete path is narrow and not for proper usable.

Dhaka Buildings, Motijil.
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. But the paths are very close to the tall buildings that is why a big bus cannot move properly. There are several stores in the sides of the path. They sale their products. People stop themselves beside the store and make the narrow path more narrow. 

Train path is more save than the concrete path. It has no traffic jam. Many people can travel together from one place to another place. In one room, about 109 people can sit side by side. There are toilet and fresh room. Fresh air can move through the compartment. People introduce themselves and start gossiping. There are room in the compartment. Passenger can move here and there or from one compartment to another compartment easily. Train is very comfortable for patient. There are disadvantages of train journey. The controller does not proper control of the train. So the passenger wait for the train coming and feel boring. That is why they turn their face back from the train. 

The water path is now very much dangerous for Bangladesh. The rivers become shallow and water in the river dries as well as dirty. Where there is no land path they use to communicate each other in the mines of water path. Water surroundings the people and keeps them in its heart.

Flood and Civilization
The flood is the cause of drying water. Farah-qua is the main cause of drying water. The rivers, ponds etc are becoming height in low. The land grows up in the chest of the river. The Streamer cannot journey in the river as well as in the night, they face accident. Many people die in this platform nowadays. 

Accident happens medium of  our lack of responsibility. The drivers are involving in the competition to reach first in the stop or station or terminal. The owner or officials pressure them to quick.

So, they get worry about this order and involve in accident. Behind the accident, the government is more responsible than drivers. But they do not take any strict rules for transport related people.

This indicates that the government is unable to rule all over the country. The government did not take a rule to develop the land path or else. They did it but it was wrong.They poured developing on development.

Accident can seize a life within a second. Many famous, non-famous people are losing their valuable lives.

So we shoud become aware of accident. We should stop it by our own shakes.

Peace is Upon Us

Don't Look At Me

When I Will Go

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One Day I Was Child

John Donne is a love poet after Shakespeare

BIOGRAPHY: John Donne is a metaphysical poet. He was born in Bread Street London in 1572 in a Roman Catholic family. His father was an ironmonger and citizen of London. Suddenly his father died in 1576 and he left three children to his family. His mother, Elizabeth, looked after her children. She was the daughter of epigrammatist and playwright John Heywood and a relative of Sir Thomas More.

 Jesuits was John’s first teachers. At the age of Eleven John and his brother, Henry, entered in a Hart Hall of University of Oxford where he studied for three years. Next three years, he spent in the University of Cambridge. But unfortunately he did not get any degree at either university because he would not take the Oath of Supremacy required at graduation. 

His brother, Henry, died of a fever in prison after being arrested for giving sanctuary to a proscribed Catholic priest. This made Donne begin to question his faith. His first book of poems, Satires, written during this period of residence in London, is considered one of Donne’s most important literary efforts. Although not immediately published, the volume had a fairly wide readership through private circulation of the manuscript.

John Donne was chosen Ministry of Parliament for Brackley and sat in Queen Elizabeth’s last Parliament in 1601. In the same year, he furtively married Lady Egerton’s niece, seventeen year old namely Anne More. She was the daughter of Sir George More. Her father was Lieutenant of the Tower and effectively dutiful career suicide. Sir George had Donne thrown in Fleet Prison for some weeks.

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Shakespeare is the Greatest writer


William Shakespeare is a writer of England. It is noticed that there is no written evident against him to prove his biography. May be, it is a nick name of a writer who did not want to disclose his real name because of nobility. But some critic said that he was a royal people. Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in the village of Stratford-on-Avon in the country of Warwickshire. His father came to Stratford about 1531 and started as a trader of corn, wheat, leather and agricultural products. His mother, Mary Arden, was a daughter of a rich farmer mixed with Anglo-Saxon and Norman blood. It is generally believed that his father and mother did not know how to read and write. His educational life is little known to us that he was the student of Grammar School at Stratford where he knew little Latin and less Greek. We see in his works, his real teachers are the natures and men and women. Stratford was the beautiful village in the country of Warwickshire. Every beauty of nature in this region reflects in his poetry. In the same way, his education of nature came from his heart and his eyes what he saw in wide open world.

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About the year 1587, Shakespeare went to London and he joined Burbage’s company of actors. At the age of fourteen, his father lost his property and involved in debt. He left the school to help his father. It is unknown to us that next eight years what he has been doing. Shakespeare will be found as a botanist, a clown, a courtier, a king, a woman a Romance etc which we see in his plays.  

Shakespeare is one of the most popular play wrights in the Elizabethan period. He is the greatest writer in the history of literature. Shakespeare has an own style to write the play and sonnets. He just has composed the thing as real what he has seen to men. He used the words of people, used the behavior of his contemporaries and the nature of action and reaction. We know, Shakespeare composed about 154 sonnets. They are very much philosophical, I thing, and popular which are related to the nature of people. 

 Sonnet is fourteenth line short poem with iambic pentameters and follows a strict rhyme scheme as well as specific structure. Sonnet is a form of literature that originated in Italy. The Sicilian poet Giacomo da Lentini is credited with its invention. The term sonnet comes from sonet, the Occitan word and sonetto, the Italian word. Both meanings are ‘little song’ and ‘little sound’.  Shakespeare’s sonnets have a unique structure and rhyme scheme. The rhyme pattern is abab cdcd efef gg. There are no breaks in his sonnet. Three quatrains and one couplet make the sonnet of Shakespeare. In his sonnet, a theme and idea is one. All of his sonnets are dealt with his love to his friend, Earl of Southampton and his beloved Dark Lady. To prove his love to them, he made some philosophies which are very much related with the nature of men.

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Poetry- Black to White

Poetry- Bear in Mind

Educational System in Bangladesh- Second Part

New System in Education next ... 

The Educational Systems in Bangladesh are given below as points:

(i)                 Primary Education Stage: It is the first step of educational beginning. Primary is very much essential for children at the age of six. One can not allow passing the next stage without passing primary stage successfully. The act in 1990 primary education has been enforced for children. Primary education means unless there is a valid ground, the guardians of each living in a place where primary education has enforced necessary for the purpose of giving primary education, have parents child admitted to the nearest primary educational institution located in that area”. It is ruled that six years children must admit themselves in primary schools. It is five years duration because there are five classes- one to five. Scholarship examination holds in the last class stage. One successful student can read free in the next stage. There are some kindergartens or private schools to where children go there at the age of three for learn education earlier. In Bangladesh, some NGO directed schools work to develop illiterate aged people and students as well. 

(ii)               Secondary Education Stage: Completing primary stage one can involve his or her into secondary education stage. This stage is called the high school stage in Bangladesh. The students who enrolled in this stage must be twelve years old boys. It is also called Secondary school. Duration of this stage is five years respectively. The student who won scholarship can study free up to class eight. That means three years. Government gives him or her some amount of money. Class nine makes the student in categories- science, arts and commerce. This stage, student read the same books in two years- class nine and class ten. Then they go to the board examination called SSC (Secondary School Certificate). There is a chance to gain again scholarship in successfully pass in examination in class eight where Scholarship examination holds. Mainly this stage is the deep learning stage for talented students. Who read well in this stage can achieve- first division or the moderate students can gain- second or third division. These are exchanged in Grate Point Average system, nowadays.

(iii)             Higher Secondary Stage: After finishing this stage, one can admit in College, Technical Institutions, Alim or Fazil Madrasah, Vocational Education etc. Students successfully complete their SSC stage and a certificate is its outcome. They spend around ten year educational period to enjoy this success. Students can continue their higher secondary study showing this document. In the college, they spend minimum two years in their respective subject- science, arts and commerce. They can include themselves in poly technical institutions or vocational for learning technical education. Completing two years, they are going to attend another examination called HSC. Another religious group sits for Alim examination conducted by Madrasah Education Board.

(iv)             Higher Education Stage: Higher education is called under and post graduates education in Bangladesh. They are the students of University- private or public. Here, students study their level best minimum four years as well. This is the building of professional education. After passing this stage someone ends their educational life. And someone runs for another degree. Students who successfully passed under-graduation admit of post-graduation where they study about one or two years. Besides public and private universities, there are National University and Open University in where they can continue learning to become a graduate student. It enriches the literacy rate of a country.


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Educational System of Bangladesh- First Part

The educational system of Bangladesh is very low and aged process. There are three major stages in educational system. They are (i) Primary (ii) Secondary and (iii) Higher Secondary. One will be entered from one stage to another stage gaining a certificate. Primary education is for five years student while Secondary and Higher Secondary education are for seven years in duration. Primary and secondary, both are five years in course time. Higher secondary is called College level education where two years are need for learning to gain a certificate successfully. There are mainly three divisions in Secondary and Higher Secondary education. They are called Science faculty, Arts faculty and other is called Business faculty. Primary level is the key stage for education and higher level is somewhat professional system to develop education in a particular way. One can choice his or her interest on a special subject. And he or she gradually develops their education in the race of his/her chosen subject. One can achieve and one can fail.

Nowadays English is the medium of education in university level in Bangladesh. Here, one can read MBBS, CSE, MAE, MBA etc which are based on English. There are public universities in fewer amounts against what many students passed every year. So, private universities are journeying through out Bangladesh to serve the students cordially.

The constitution of Bangladesh says in seventeenth article that all children of her are supposed to receive free education up to secondary level of education. Nowadays the government of her provides free books for the students. There are ten educational boards in Bangladesh. They accelerate Secondary and Higher secondary works in Bangladesh. SSC is called Secondary School Certificate and HSC is called Higher Secondary Certificate those are well known as their short names. Besides these, there are Madrasha Board and Foreign Education Board.

The Madrasha is the religious teaching centre of Muslims. Under the Foreign educational board all English Medium Schools are ruling themselves. One Technical Education Board has been established to direct the vocational training schools in Education Board. The national curriculum and textbook board is the governor to develop, approve and manage the curriculum and text books for primary, junior, secondary and higher secondary level. Government has also build Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics. Its work is to keep the information of education all of levels. There are many non-profit institutions that operate informal as well as semi informal education for unprofitable people.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in earth. It has about seventeenth million people in the area of 1, 47,570 only square kilometers. The people of a country are the main resource of her. But educated people are the best of them. In this purpose, the government of Bangladesh tried to improve the education among the people. The educational rate of Bangladesh is 68% respectively. So, large amount of people is uneducated, they work only in the field unknowing the effect of crops in the people and they do not know how to increase crops production. We will discuss the three stages of education in Bangladesh.


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Glorious Poem

Beauty of Wonder

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Story- 2

Leonardo DiCaprio - Jack

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the legend actors of USA. He was born in Los Angeles of California in November 11, 1974. His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. He is famous in Bangladesh as the name of Jack which is used in the film of Titanic. Titanic is the best well known in South Asia. Leonardo is very much popular actor in America with good looks and edgy, unconventional roles. Since five years Leonardo’s presence in the big screen working as Martin Scorsese in The Departed and Ohters and Steven Spielberg in Catch Me if You Can is very much talented. He joined Seeds Elementary School and graduated from John Marshall High School, after attending the Los Angeles Centre for Enriched Studies for four years. 

Family Background
His father’s name George DiCaprio and mother name is Irmelin. He was his parents only one child but at the age of one his parents separated themselves. In spite of their separations, he was reared by his father and because of his father’s urging who was a comic book artist and distributor, he wanted to discover his creativity. Acting was his first attraction and at the age of five he landed on children’s TV program namely Romper Room.  Once he told to The New York Times in 1993:

“I knew I did not want to be one of the things they said I should be at school. Doctor, Lawyer, blah blah balh”

His Early Career
In early 1990, he began to work regularly in TV show. It was the programs like The New Lassie, Roseanne and Parenthood. In the age 1991 he took forward when he was merely regular on ABC comedy- Growing Paints. In the same year he acted in low budget horror flick- Critters 3. Two years later he proved that he was the more than beautiful looking young boy when he played against Robert De Nrio in the film This Boy’s Life, he gained it beating out 400 actors. He turned heads again and earned an Academy Award for his role as a mentally disabled child in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? His skilled made him serious actor and a heartthrob. In the year of 1995 two film were released The Basketball Diaries and Total Eclipse. In 1997, the biggest history was happened in his life. This incident made his career higher. The legend history is the drown Titanic. It makes my super star in American film. His Titanic boxed on its way more than 1.843 billion US Dollars. Leonardo said to Rolling Stone in 2010, “I got to wild and nuts and do not care what anyone thought” He is known as a commercial superstar resulting in fan worship among the girls and women that became known as Leo-Mania.

Personal Life
 Leonardo is an intimate fellow of  Tobey Maguire and he met him for the series Parenthood in1990. and is the bosom friend of Lukas Hass, Kevin Connolly as well as Kate Winslet. Christopher Pettiet was his childhood friend. Media covered his romantic relationship, dated model star Kristen Zang on-and-off for several years, British socialite Emma Miller
Emma Miller
Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli and Las Vegas were his girl friends. He met with Israeli president Shimon Peres and traveled Refaeli’s home in 2009. He owns a home in Los Angeles and Riverhouse as well as an apartment in the TriBeca. He planned to create Eco-friendly resort in his island in Belize. Once his face was terribly injured when Aretha Wilson hit a broken bottle on his face at a Hollywood party and she was prisoned for two year.  He is very much conscious about environment. His receiving praise from environmental groups his activities proved him as a committed environmentalist.   

His Works as Producer
Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for many awards such as a second Golden Globe nomination. He said:

“I have no connection with me during that whole Titanic phenomenon and what my face became around the world............. I shall never reach that state of popularity again, and I would not expect to. It’s not something I am going to try to achieve either”.

Leonardo is not only an actor but also a producer. He produced some films. in the film, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, The Aviator and The Ides of March, he is an executive producer and in The 11th Hour, Gardener of Eden, Greenburg, Orphan and Red Riding Hood, these are produced by Leonardo. He awarded most for his casting in The Departed where he acted as Willam Billy Costigan Jr. He is a successful actor to us. 

  1. Golden Globe Award for Best Actor- Drama Film
  2. Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor – Drama/Romance
  3. Teen Choice Award for Film – Choice Liar
  4. Silver Bear for Best Actor
  5. MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance
  6. Austin Film Critics – Best Actor
  7. Satellite Awards – Best supporting Actor
  8. Hollywood Foreign Press Association – Best Performance by an actor in a Motion Picture Drama
  9. Berlin International Film Festival – Silver Bear for Best Actor
  10. National Board of Review – Best Supporting Actor
  11. National Society of Film Critics – Best Supporting Actor(Runner-up)
  12. Los Angeles Film Critics Association – New Generation Award

"Tuft of Clouds"

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The Titanic into Atlantic's Tummy

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The historic name “Titanic” which has drown into the belly of the Atlantic Ocean in its first voyage from England to New England and the movie name Titanic, there is a huge difference between two names as the difference between reality and fairy tales. We know the Titanic was the biggest ship in the temporary world. Nowadays the drowning of the Titanic is very much familiar among the people by means of the film Titanic.
The Royal Steamer Titanic was the invention of intense contest among shipping lines of twenty century. Cunard revealed two superlative Liners. J Bruce Ismay who was the chief executive of White Star, discussed the making of three large Liners with William J Pirrie, the chairman of Belfast company Harland and Wolff. They would measure the length of eight hundred and eighty two and width of ninety two point firve feet because they wanted to make the largest ship at their time. March 1909, the work of making the largest ship in the world started in the Harland and Wolff ship yard and continued until spring of 1911. There was no stop to working. 

May 31, Titanic, the largest movable man made object in the world made its new way down the slipways. It was sailed its hull in the river Lagan in Belfast. Around one hundred thousand people attended in the launching time of the biggest ship which took over a minute and went off a problem.  The hull was pulled to fitting out dock where thousands of labours would waste most next year building the ship’s decks, creating her abundant interiors and installing twenty nine huge boilers that would power her two main steam Engines. 
There was a fault that is design of the Titanic, it was one fault. It was doomed from the start. The royal class ships featured a double bottom and fifteenth water-tight bulkheads with electric doors which could be ruling individually or simultaneously by a switch. But the water-tight compartment designed a wrong that have been a dangerous part of sinking the ship Titanic. To making the ship, Cunard owners boasted innovative safety features. The told that every thing may sing into water but Titanic never can do. It is very much saved than Nature.

The second fault is that, there were no sufficient life-boats on the giant ship. Only sixteen boats stand against 1178 people. Titanic could carry 3300 people including crews. But there were only sixteen. The reason behind less boat from total demanding is that discoverers said that it is unsinkable. Titanic, the largest passenger steamship sail its pull from Southampton in England on April 10, 1912. In it first voyage towards New York with 2,240 passengers and crew, it met a tragic end. Just a heap of Ice reined the end of man’s boast.
To highlight this historical sinking, Cameron produced a film name Titanic. He wanted to show how the biggest giant man made creature sinks in the water with a simple thing that man suck to enjoy cool. He made it interesting and memorable. One can recollect this when they recollect the two name Jack and Rose. Only love story makes the sinking Titanic alive among the people. They talk about Titanic because of the unsinkable love. Or no body could remember its name. The Titanic is correct in name but all film is developed with the thought of producer. How can make it easy he knew well. As well as it was the big budget to create this film. How much day this film will broadcast, the sinking of the ship Titanic will remain in the man’s heart.

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The First World War and Teaching

The First Step of Destruction 

Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism CheckerWar is destruction in every time in the beautiful world. World War I (in short WWI) was the leading war which was hold in Europe on 28 July 1914. It was ended on11 November 1918. Duration of this war was near about four years. The world powers were involved in this war. The powerful countries were divided into two groups. One is called Allies and the other is called Central Powers. In Allies power, there were three countries- United KingdomFrance and Russia and in Central Powers there were countries- GermanyAustria-Hungary and Italy. But Austria-Hungary had taken the distasteful against conformity; Italy did not enter into the War. As well as Italy fought for Allies. Both alliances organized and increased more nations into the war. More than 70 million military personnel entered into this war. 60 million military were from Europe. And more than 9 million were killed in the historical battle. In this war the highest technological weapons were used. The war of 1 is the six listed most serious war in the world history.

                        The First Telegram in WW1

The war was the imperialistic foreign policies of the great powers of Europe, together with the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the British Empire, the French Republic, and Italy. On 28th July the disagreement opened with the Austro Hungarian attack of Serbia, followed by the German invasion of Belgium, Luxemburg and France. The German march on Paris was brought to an end. In the East, the Russian army successfully fought against the Austro-Hungarian army but was forced back by the German military. The Russian King collapsed in March 1917 and Russia left the war after the October Revolution later in same year. After 1918, German offensive along the Western front, USA forces entered the channels and the Allies Troop back the German armies in a series of winning offensive. Germany agreed to a cease-fire on 11 November 1918, later known as Armistice Day. The war had ended in victory for the Allies.

The name of World War I is very much interesting. “Some wars name themselves. This is the Great War”, said Maclean’s Magazine in Canada in 1914. The war was called the World War and the Great War in English speaking countries. After the Second World War, this war was named World War I. In American historians called it World War I on the other hand British and Canadian said it First World War. This is the difference in calling the name of the war. German philosopher named Ernest Haeckel in September 1914 asserted that “there is no doubt that the course and character of the feared European War……… will become the First World War in the full logic of the word. “The First World War” was the heading of a history book by the officer and journalist Carles a Court Repington.

The background of the war is well known to all. The major European powers had gone to great amount to balance the power all over the Europe. Political and military alliances were result of this difficulty. Those complex networks started in 1815 with the Holy Alliance between PrussiaRussia, and Austria. German Chancellor Bismarck talked the League of the Three Emperors between the monarchs of Austria-HungaryGermany and Russia. This alliance was expended to adding Italy in 1882 what turned into the Triple Alliance.

After unification and foundation of the Empire in 1871 the industrial and economical power had been grown greatly in German. Wilhelm II used to devote important economic resources to build up the Imperial German Navy in rivalry with the British Royal Navy for world naval supremacy


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"Water, water every where; but there no drop to drink"
                                                                           Samuel Taylor Coleridge "The Ancient Mariner"

Thirsty bird seeks water 
Water is the main aspect of surviving the animals or creatures in the world. The alternative name of water is life. To existing life, we need to drink water. The main features of water are Hydrogen and Oxygen. Atom oxygen mixes with two atom hydrogen and makes water. We know, oxygen is essential for not only human being but also the other living animals. We take oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Our body is full of water. Sometime water comes out from our body by the mines of salt. Then, we become ill. Hard workers take water about 5 liter per day. As a human being we need around three liters water in a day. Our blood is water in majority percent. We drink pure water and pour water from our body to the earth is called urine. It is very much harmful for any elements nearby our surroundings including ourselves. We collect pure water from deep tube-well. Except this, we can drink manufactured water which is sold by bottle in the shops. Scientists take water from the pond, the river, the sea, rain water etc. manufacturing from the industries they supply this water to the people. Somewhat they mix medicine with this type of water. Without deep tube-well, we can get water from the current wavy river.

Desert river 
Crisis means less something than demand. So, ‘water crisis’ is the term that indicates less water than demand which a family or a society or a community or a country needs. To emphasize water crisis, we use this term taking about a country that is independent and has a government. Food and Agricultural Organization in 2003 said that there is no water crisis but steps must be taken to avoid this crisis in the future. The major aspects of the water crisis are overall scarcity of water pollution, arsenic pollution and examine atomic bombs for supremacy.

Slogan for water
Bangladesh needs a lot of water in a day but government rule is that no one could deep a tube-well in city area without city author’s permission. The government will supply them water among the city dwellers by WASA. WASA works very hard. They have a lot of containers and vehicles by which they carry water from here to there. If we talk about Dhaka, the capital city in Bangladesh, we become frustrated to hear its water condition. WASA said that they need nearly 250 core liters water in a day for the city dwellers but they only can provide almost 150 core liters. We see the lacking of about 100 core liters water in a city. WASA said that their supplying water is only 60% of the total demand. And the percent they supply can not distribute properly because 40% is shortage. They ensured people that they will overcome this problem within 10 years. One beneficiary people, from Mohammadpur, said that he waited for water lorry for 10 hours. It is notice that around 505 water pumps, only 260 water pumps functioned well but these work only 5 hours in a day. We come to know that coming and going electricity is the main reason of limited running of the water pumps.  

Line for life
Water crisis has been seen in the most under developing and developing countries of Asia and Africa. Somebody accused the rapid growth of population of those countries. Bangladesh is one of them. The population of Bangladesh is growing as fast as that the WASA failed to supply water as its pace. 2 billion people still have no drinking water. 3.4 million people died including 2 million children every year for clean water.

Damage of cultivation 
Water is the natural resource. Nobody can create or renew water. It is very essential for living beings. Water supplied by WASA is dirty. 16% of the total safe water of the world is in Bangladesh. But we suffer for various water diseases. We do not get pure water daily. We suffer water crisis in summer season very much than other season. There is no abounding water in the river because India does not want to open the water protection wall. So, water is decrease in an alarming rate. The environment has been changed. We face many natural disasters. It harms us a lot.

Taking water from dirty pond
Underground water becomes low. We can no get water in rivers, cannels and ponds, so our cultivation becomes damage. The farmer can not serve water in his cultivated field in time. For this reason they cannot produce lots of crops specially paddy, the main food of Bangladesh. We know Bangladesh is an agriculture based country. But it imports a lot of foods for people. The farmers cannot grow up food what they would expect. There is no more electricity that can help the farmer in cultivation. So, here they also face power crisis. They nature does not help them as well. Nature gives rain through taking and giving process that means- nature takes water as vapor from the river, cannels and ponds and makes clouds and rains. But the rivers had already desert because of Indians political cruelty. We need water in the rivers. We need to make diplomatic efforts at the UN to get India to sit for a solution about international rivers water sharing. We need the water flowing in out rivers to keep our lands fertile and full of crops. This is a matter of great importance as we may find in a sudden food crisis for not having cultivatable/enable lands and not having to supply water properly.

The government should take a step to rescue the people from the face of desert.


N.B: A program named ‘Aparajito’ in the “Star Jolsa” said, “To put a fence into the Bay of Bengal, is water protected and is possible?” They made our victory over Myanmar about the sea area ridiculous. We should make diplomacy with India in restricted way. Or throw the relationships away with them. They are the only recognized sweet poison of Bangladesh in the world; Bangladesh government should understand their plan.
                      ---- April 6, 2012