Monday, April 9, 2012


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"Water, water every where; but there no drop to drink"
                                                                           Samuel Taylor Coleridge "The Ancient Mariner"

Thirsty bird seeks water 
Water is the main aspect of surviving the animals or creatures in the world. The alternative name of water is life. To existing life, we need to drink water. The main features of water are Hydrogen and Oxygen. Atom oxygen mixes with two atom hydrogen and makes water. We know, oxygen is essential for not only human being but also the other living animals. We take oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Our body is full of water. Sometime water comes out from our body by the mines of salt. Then, we become ill. Hard workers take water about 5 liter per day. As a human being we need around three liters water in a day. Our blood is water in majority percent. We drink pure water and pour water from our body to the earth is called urine. It is very much harmful for any elements nearby our surroundings including ourselves. We collect pure water from deep tube-well. Except this, we can drink manufactured water which is sold by bottle in the shops. Scientists take water from the pond, the river, the sea, rain water etc. manufacturing from the industries they supply this water to the people. Somewhat they mix medicine with this type of water. Without deep tube-well, we can get water from the current wavy river.

Desert river 
Crisis means less something than demand. So, ‘water crisis’ is the term that indicates less water than demand which a family or a society or a community or a country needs. To emphasize water crisis, we use this term taking about a country that is independent and has a government. Food and Agricultural Organization in 2003 said that there is no water crisis but steps must be taken to avoid this crisis in the future. The major aspects of the water crisis are overall scarcity of water pollution, arsenic pollution and examine atomic bombs for supremacy.

Slogan for water
Bangladesh needs a lot of water in a day but government rule is that no one could deep a tube-well in city area without city author’s permission. The government will supply them water among the city dwellers by WASA. WASA works very hard. They have a lot of containers and vehicles by which they carry water from here to there. If we talk about Dhaka, the capital city in Bangladesh, we become frustrated to hear its water condition. WASA said that they need nearly 250 core liters water in a day for the city dwellers but they only can provide almost 150 core liters. We see the lacking of about 100 core liters water in a city. WASA said that their supplying water is only 60% of the total demand. And the percent they supply can not distribute properly because 40% is shortage. They ensured people that they will overcome this problem within 10 years. One beneficiary people, from Mohammadpur, said that he waited for water lorry for 10 hours. It is notice that around 505 water pumps, only 260 water pumps functioned well but these work only 5 hours in a day. We come to know that coming and going electricity is the main reason of limited running of the water pumps.  

Line for life
Water crisis has been seen in the most under developing and developing countries of Asia and Africa. Somebody accused the rapid growth of population of those countries. Bangladesh is one of them. The population of Bangladesh is growing as fast as that the WASA failed to supply water as its pace. 2 billion people still have no drinking water. 3.4 million people died including 2 million children every year for clean water.

Damage of cultivation 
Water is the natural resource. Nobody can create or renew water. It is very essential for living beings. Water supplied by WASA is dirty. 16% of the total safe water of the world is in Bangladesh. But we suffer for various water diseases. We do not get pure water daily. We suffer water crisis in summer season very much than other season. There is no abounding water in the river because India does not want to open the water protection wall. So, water is decrease in an alarming rate. The environment has been changed. We face many natural disasters. It harms us a lot.

Taking water from dirty pond
Underground water becomes low. We can no get water in rivers, cannels and ponds, so our cultivation becomes damage. The farmer can not serve water in his cultivated field in time. For this reason they cannot produce lots of crops specially paddy, the main food of Bangladesh. We know Bangladesh is an agriculture based country. But it imports a lot of foods for people. The farmers cannot grow up food what they would expect. There is no more electricity that can help the farmer in cultivation. So, here they also face power crisis. They nature does not help them as well. Nature gives rain through taking and giving process that means- nature takes water as vapor from the river, cannels and ponds and makes clouds and rains. But the rivers had already desert because of Indians political cruelty. We need water in the rivers. We need to make diplomatic efforts at the UN to get India to sit for a solution about international rivers water sharing. We need the water flowing in out rivers to keep our lands fertile and full of crops. This is a matter of great importance as we may find in a sudden food crisis for not having cultivatable/enable lands and not having to supply water properly.

The government should take a step to rescue the people from the face of desert.


N.B: A program named ‘Aparajito’ in the “Star Jolsa” said, “To put a fence into the Bay of Bengal, is water protected and is possible?” They made our victory over Myanmar about the sea area ridiculous. We should make diplomacy with India in restricted way. Or throw the relationships away with them. They are the only recognized sweet poison of Bangladesh in the world; Bangladesh government should understand their plan.
                      ---- April 6, 2012