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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Path Accident in Bangladesh

National Flag of BD

Bangladesh is a developing country in the world. It was successful to gain independence in 1971 from Pakistan after nine months heart and soul as well as bloody fighting. About 30,00,000 people sacrificed their lives for their country. They wanted the development of their country. Unfortunately, the government did not do that. Communication is the main platform of the development in any country. Bangladesh has four platform to communication the needs. They are land road/path, water path, sky path and train path that is railway.

Map of Bangladesh
The land path is very important for a country. This is the way that helps the people to reach office, school, market place and so on. Maximum path is muddy of Bangladesh. The concrete path is narrow and not for proper usable.

Dhaka Buildings, Motijil.
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. But the paths are very close to the tall buildings that is why a big bus cannot move properly. There are several stores in the sides of the path. They sale their products. People stop themselves beside the store and make the narrow path more narrow. 

Train path is more save than the concrete path. It has no traffic jam. Many people can travel together from one place to another place. In one room, about 109 people can sit side by side. There are toilet and fresh room. Fresh air can move through the compartment. People introduce themselves and start gossiping. There are room in the compartment. Passenger can move here and there or from one compartment to another compartment easily. Train is very comfortable for patient. There are disadvantages of train journey. The controller does not proper control of the train. So the passenger wait for the train coming and feel boring. That is why they turn their face back from the train. 

The water path is now very much dangerous for Bangladesh. The rivers become shallow and water in the river dries as well as dirty. Where there is no land path they use to communicate each other in the mines of water path. Water surroundings the people and keeps them in its heart.

Flood and Civilization
The flood is the cause of drying water. Farah-qua is the main cause of drying water. The rivers, ponds etc are becoming height in low. The land grows up in the chest of the river. The Streamer cannot journey in the river as well as in the night, they face accident. Many people die in this platform nowadays. 

Accident happens medium of  our lack of responsibility. The drivers are involving in the competition to reach first in the stop or station or terminal. The owner or officials pressure them to quick.

So, they get worry about this order and involve in accident. Behind the accident, the government is more responsible than drivers. But they do not take any strict rules for transport related people.

This indicates that the government is unable to rule all over the country. The government did not take a rule to develop the land path or else. They did it but it was wrong.They poured developing on development.

Accident can seize a life within a second. Many famous, non-famous people are losing their valuable lives.

So we shoud become aware of accident. We should stop it by our own shakes.

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