Saturday, May 19, 2012

Educational System in Bangladesh- Second Part

New System in Education next ... 

The Educational Systems in Bangladesh are given below as points:

(i)                 Primary Education Stage: It is the first step of educational beginning. Primary is very much essential for children at the age of six. One can not allow passing the next stage without passing primary stage successfully. The act in 1990 primary education has been enforced for children. Primary education means unless there is a valid ground, the guardians of each living in a place where primary education has enforced necessary for the purpose of giving primary education, have parents child admitted to the nearest primary educational institution located in that area”. It is ruled that six years children must admit themselves in primary schools. It is five years duration because there are five classes- one to five. Scholarship examination holds in the last class stage. One successful student can read free in the next stage. There are some kindergartens or private schools to where children go there at the age of three for learn education earlier. In Bangladesh, some NGO directed schools work to develop illiterate aged people and students as well. 

(ii)               Secondary Education Stage: Completing primary stage one can involve his or her into secondary education stage. This stage is called the high school stage in Bangladesh. The students who enrolled in this stage must be twelve years old boys. It is also called Secondary school. Duration of this stage is five years respectively. The student who won scholarship can study free up to class eight. That means three years. Government gives him or her some amount of money. Class nine makes the student in categories- science, arts and commerce. This stage, student read the same books in two years- class nine and class ten. Then they go to the board examination called SSC (Secondary School Certificate). There is a chance to gain again scholarship in successfully pass in examination in class eight where Scholarship examination holds. Mainly this stage is the deep learning stage for talented students. Who read well in this stage can achieve- first division or the moderate students can gain- second or third division. These are exchanged in Grate Point Average system, nowadays.

(iii)             Higher Secondary Stage: After finishing this stage, one can admit in College, Technical Institutions, Alim or Fazil Madrasah, Vocational Education etc. Students successfully complete their SSC stage and a certificate is its outcome. They spend around ten year educational period to enjoy this success. Students can continue their higher secondary study showing this document. In the college, they spend minimum two years in their respective subject- science, arts and commerce. They can include themselves in poly technical institutions or vocational for learning technical education. Completing two years, they are going to attend another examination called HSC. Another religious group sits for Alim examination conducted by Madrasah Education Board.

(iv)             Higher Education Stage: Higher education is called under and post graduates education in Bangladesh. They are the students of University- private or public. Here, students study their level best minimum four years as well. This is the building of professional education. After passing this stage someone ends their educational life. And someone runs for another degree. Students who successfully passed under-graduation admit of post-graduation where they study about one or two years. Besides public and private universities, there are National University and Open University in where they can continue learning to become a graduate student. It enriches the literacy rate of a country.


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