Monday, May 14, 2012

Educational System of Bangladesh- First Part

The educational system of Bangladesh is very low and aged process. There are three major stages in educational system. They are (i) Primary (ii) Secondary and (iii) Higher Secondary. One will be entered from one stage to another stage gaining a certificate. Primary education is for five years student while Secondary and Higher Secondary education are for seven years in duration. Primary and secondary, both are five years in course time. Higher secondary is called College level education where two years are need for learning to gain a certificate successfully. There are mainly three divisions in Secondary and Higher Secondary education. They are called Science faculty, Arts faculty and other is called Business faculty. Primary level is the key stage for education and higher level is somewhat professional system to develop education in a particular way. One can choice his or her interest on a special subject. And he or she gradually develops their education in the race of his/her chosen subject. One can achieve and one can fail.

Nowadays English is the medium of education in university level in Bangladesh. Here, one can read MBBS, CSE, MAE, MBA etc which are based on English. There are public universities in fewer amounts against what many students passed every year. So, private universities are journeying through out Bangladesh to serve the students cordially.

The constitution of Bangladesh says in seventeenth article that all children of her are supposed to receive free education up to secondary level of education. Nowadays the government of her provides free books for the students. There are ten educational boards in Bangladesh. They accelerate Secondary and Higher secondary works in Bangladesh. SSC is called Secondary School Certificate and HSC is called Higher Secondary Certificate those are well known as their short names. Besides these, there are Madrasha Board and Foreign Education Board.

The Madrasha is the religious teaching centre of Muslims. Under the Foreign educational board all English Medium Schools are ruling themselves. One Technical Education Board has been established to direct the vocational training schools in Education Board. The national curriculum and textbook board is the governor to develop, approve and manage the curriculum and text books for primary, junior, secondary and higher secondary level. Government has also build Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics. Its work is to keep the information of education all of levels. There are many non-profit institutions that operate informal as well as semi informal education for unprofitable people.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in earth. It has about seventeenth million people in the area of 1, 47,570 only square kilometers. The people of a country are the main resource of her. But educated people are the best of them. In this purpose, the government of Bangladesh tried to improve the education among the people. The educational rate of Bangladesh is 68% respectively. So, large amount of people is uneducated, they work only in the field unknowing the effect of crops in the people and they do not know how to increase crops production. We will discuss the three stages of education in Bangladesh.


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